Innovate ideas to design creative spaces

Our following ideas are perfect when it comes to creating that creative space where you can complete your work. Our ideas focus on lighting, organisation and displays. You will soon be able to design a creative space tailored to your requirements. Discover other ways of improving your home.

Imagine, plan & create

First of all, begin imaging what you’d expect your creative space to look like – go for something ambitious as it will feel much more beneficial once you have reached your goal. Simple things to do include wall colourings, as well as making most of the space that is available – rearrange your furniture to make it as spacious as possible. Plan yours.

The importance of natural lightingRooflights

For any art based work, many people agree that natural lighting is essential. As we can’t alter the weather outside to produce great natural lighting we can do something in our homes to maximise this opportunity. Read more.

Many creative work spaces are open with a lot of windows to allow as much lighting in as possible. Fixed rooflights are perfect for any creative space as they allow natural lighting to flood in through the glass. They also act as a great architectural feature to any property too.

EOS Rooflights offer bespoke skylights for flat roofs; you can purchase your fixed window for just £599 today. Find out more.

Improve your work efficiency

Technology is a massive part of work that is completed to a high standard, it allows you to research and produce ideas that you may not have thought about before. Think about where you’re going to include your computer, scanner, printer and other equipment in your little studio and make sure you make space for them. Otherwise your work efficiency could decrease. Contact us.

Want to know what else improves efficiency at work? Having a clean and organised office space. It is essential to have a working environment that is clear and has everything that you need, which is why we suggest bringing the experts in.

Cleaning companies will be able to clean your work area on a professional basis, whilst using the best tools and materials in the industry. So, let the specialists take over whilst you sit back and relax.  Click here to see what office cleaning services are available in Brighton.

Display your masterpieces

Once you have completed all of your work, you may think where is it going to go? You need to include an open space big enough for you to display your creations. Keeping a record of your work allows inspiration to flow for work in the future.

You can use a magnetic rail or picture wire as these are great for quickly hanging work up. Find your solution.